Location & Styling

Clothing, Make-Up & Why Locations Matter


The Location and Clothing Make Your Family Unique

As a college photography professor of 10+years, I have lectured about the best fine art photographers in history. Over the years, I analyzed the numerous styles for amazing photography portraiture. I determined that environmental locations and the clothing make ALL THE DIFFERENCE with the portrait from being “good” to GREAT.

Angie believes keeping the session at your home makes it unique due to the fact it eliminates using the same setting over and over — which gets redundant and other families in town basically have the same picture.

Clothing is important and it is common to see everyone wearing the same color or “going all white.” It is understandable as it is a simple solution yet, can makes your portrait seem generic.

Your family is unique and we want to emphasize the individuality for each person. New to Angela Buckley Photography is the complimentary visit to help you select clothing!

Most families do not know what to wear for their portrait day. We are here to help!! It is very common for people to select matching white shirts with jeans. We can not allow you to do this! Each person in your family is unique and should wear clothing that expresses who each of you are. We help you tie it all together making it harmonious and not too ‘matchy-matchy.’ Angie visits each family 2 weeks prior to the session to help plan the outfits for each shot. YAY!

Do you have vintage images in your family that are from the 1950s or older? Well, your portrait is going to outlast any of these so, Angie figures “You may as well look your best!” We have the best make up artists on our team. Angie has a PDF she email you with portraits with and without and if you decide to do the make up yourself, she has a few suggestions to help.

Most of our portraits are done at the family’s home. First of all, everyone is most comfortable at HOME. Secondly, we love how each person has a connection to their house. It also makes your portraits uniquely yours.

Make-Up Makes ALL the Difference

Not all make-up artists are created equal. Angie shops around the best and has great relationships to the top artists in town. See the fun video below!

Angie did a fabulous job with our family portraits.  They are works of art to keep for a lifetime.  I would highly recommend two things for your portraits:  1.  The makeup artist for moms or older girls and 2. The clothing consultation before the shoot.  We are a family of 6, with 4 teenagers.

It was so helpful for me to have someone go through the closets and put together outfits that worked for everyone. The outfits expressed each person’s style but also blended harmoniously with all of the others in the portrait.  This was a stress reliever for sure.  Angie gets the job done with humor and efficiency.  I have had so many compliments on our framed portraits at home.

Thank you, Angie!

Jill T.

Mother of Four Teens