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Cherish Your Beautiful Teenager with Timeless Photography

As a college instructor for years, I am always amazed of our vibrant youth. Teenagers are intelligent and full of curiosity about their future. Though significantly independent from their childhood stage, teens still need to feel an important of their family.

Being a teen is a very important transition in each of our lives. The teenage years includes life changing milestones which help them move toward their greater independence. As teens, our emotions change, our cognitive understanding about the world we live in is altered. Their faces reveal the same beauty of what they looked like as a baby and child yet, getting matured. The beauty of this stage in their lives is wonderful to celebrate and remember in the form of a gorgeous portrait.

The love for our children never ends — if you missed getting beautiful, professional portraits created of your dearest, it is the perfect time to memorialize who they are before they spread their wings and fly away from the nest.
– Angela Buckley

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Teens know how they want to be seen and Angie can help select best options to express who they are. CONTACT ANGIE TODAY — she is always excited to work with teenagers — she spends time to get to know them in order to create a portrait that reflects them beautifully.

Debutante Portraiture

She will only be a Debutante once but in a portrait, she is one forever. Each girl gets a very, special session. The final portrait is absolutely stunning and will be enjoyed for many, many years. Becoming a Debutante is a wonderful, fun experience to share with your daughter. **Our debutante portrait samples are coming soon! Trust us — we can create the most exquisite, natural portraits of your lovely daughter.

History of Debutante Balls

The debutante tradition is rooted in a history in which the girl becomes a woman and it is her “debut” to the world that she is ready to marry. Contemporary Debutante Balls are charitable events that raise money for commendable causes. The oldest debutante ball is held in Savannah, Georgia and the most prestigious is the International Debutante Ball which is held in New York City. At large, the American South holds this tradition consistently compared to any other part of the United States. The history of debutante balls is rich with history and a wonderful passage for any teenage girl in current times. A beautiful portrait is the perfect way to cherish the event for your daughter.