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Denver, Colorado
Denver is the heart of it all in Colorado. Its climate is perfect and Denver is rich with artistic culture — the Denver Art Museum, Denver Theatre and the Colorado Symphony. Other great, urban locations is The Clifford Still Museum and of course, the kids’ favorite, the Denver Zoo.

Family Photography In Denver
There are many lovely, manicured parks in Denver for a stunning family portrait. A beautiful location for unforgettable portraiture is the Denver Botanic Gardens. Portraits can be created almost year round at the Botanic Gardens. Their flowers, trees, open lawns and water features make for beautiful backdrops for your special portrait. Another location Angela Buckley has created photographs is in the beautiful gardens of Washington Park.

Best Times of the Year
Angela Buckley’s favorite time of the year for the Washington Park is mid-July and August as the flowers and unique bushes are in full bloom. They are not close to maturity in June. The Botanic Gardens always has beautiful options to use as backdrops most of the year. The most ideal months are July, August and parts of September. Fall Season is an amazing, beautiful time of year to have photographs taken. Yet, our schedule fills up very quickly.

Denver Art Museum and History Colorado
Angela Buckley’s favorite museums in town are the Denver Art Museum and History Colorado. Buckley created one of Hickenlooper’s family portrait for the annual holiday card in front of the Denver Art Museum. History Colorado has recently decided that Angela Buckley will be a Documentary Photographer for their Contemporary Photography Collection. Please stay tuned for the details of the online exhibition.

Contact Today for Complimentary Consultation
Angela Buckley is always excited to discuss your plans for a family photograph. Please contact her today to begin the planning process. Every step of the way is great fun!

As a Graphic Designer I have had the pleasure to work with many photographers, Angie is one of the best. I value the eye of a great artist and how they can capture a moment effortlessly. Angie is this type of photographer. We treasure the portraits Angie has captured of our family. They are truly priceless.

Beth D.

Design Mom