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Professional Photographer for Business or Corporate Photo Shoots


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Your headshot will be judged in 1 second flat. We want to make sure you look your best — you get only one chance at a first impression.

We learn about your profession to make suggestions on the background and clothing. We love making people look GREAT.

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Great images of a company goes a long way with its employees and clients. Call us today so we can help you with your digital assets to strengthen your presence.

Business & Corporate Photography

Photography is the most powerful influence to promote your business.

We “read picture” much faster than words which is why photography is highly influential. Its deep impact to communicate occurs in 2 seconds. When companies choose to work with me and my team, we strategize and “Begin With the End In Mind” so we have a clear understanding of your goal.

Whether it is for social media photography, Linked In headshots, Facebook Company pages and more. We thoroughly brainstorm on ideas to help you make an impressive impact. Trust us to plan you project from the beginning all the way to the end.

What to Wear for a Head Shot

To prepare for the best headshot, it is important to have 3-4 different shirts, 3-4 different ties and 1-2 jackets to chose from. The photo is only of your face so there is no need to worry about the pants, skirts or shoes. Click HERE for a video on tips.

The most important things to consider:
1) get professional make up and hair (YES!!! SERIOUSLY!!)
2) color of your shirt (and tie)
3)  for women, bring 2-3 different necklaces and earrings

Best Head Shot Tips

1) Hire a professional make-up artist and hair stylist
2) Select shirts that match your eyes (brown eyes are complimented well in navy blue)
3) Try different face angles with your photographer
4) If possible, try 2 different backgrounds
5) Try shots with “no teeth” and “with teeth” during the shoot — review and decide which look you prefer most

Complimentary Consultation

With Angie’s help, she will help you select the most flattering items to wear for your professional headshot. She takes into consideration your profession, who your clients are and she helps select the location or if a backdrop is best. There is a lot to consider with head shots, more than you can imagine! Angie can help you get the best shots possible. CALL ANGIE ANYTIME FOR QUESTIONS.