Children and Family Photographs

Pictures of Happy Colorado Families

Children & Family Photography

Life’s most precious gift is our family. Our children’s innocence and our unconditional love for them should be cherished. And the joy they bring to us is unmatched by any other experience. My work as a children’s portrait photographer is deeply meaningful to me. To create a work of art for parents to remember how their children are for many decades is a goal I take very seriously.

They will not stay this age for long. All parents understand how fast time passes as they rapidly grow and change. Each year, each age and every stage is extraordinary to watch.

The bond to our children is strong and it is forever. Our love for them is never ending and they remain the most important people in our lives. The safe, heart-warming home environment we create for them is important. We may decide to repaint our interiors, invest in new landscaping, and we may even move into different home. These novelties, although incredibly nice, do not come with us. Gorgeous portraits can always come with us, for years and years.

It is an honor to work with families who deeply cherish their children and love their family. I did not choose photography as a professional career, it chose me. I help parents forever remember their adorable children during this fleeting time.

– Angela Buckley


What to Wear

What should we wear?” is a common question and it is a very important question! (CLICK HERE for more info) Clothing ads look fabulous because a professional is picking out the clothing after they know the location (background). You have Angie and her team helping you with this aspect of portraits because, the clothing makes ALL the DIFFERENCE!

Time of Day

The best time of day is the time that works great for your family! We ONLY photograph one family per day to give you our fullest attention and so you do not feel rushed. The most beautiful time of day is typically the late afternoon when the sunshine is warmer and softer. Angie always brings a (very) large location light and allows us to shoot at any time. CONTACT ANGIE as she is happy to answer any questions.

Once In a Lifetime

Families are super busy and can go years without a professional photography. Contact Angie and she will take care of the details and create a beautiful portrait you will LOVE. It will last you many, many years. Trust us, you will be incredibly happy you got this done!

Leave the Details to Angie

Angie will do all the preparation and planning to make your family portrait day easy, smooth and relaxing. The key is to be available by phone for an quick consultation and a visit for selecting clothes. Once we have the information, location and clothing picked out — it is smooth sailing from there to a great family photograph.

From initial scheduling all the way through installation, Angie is a complete pleasure to work with – and the results are magnificent!

Kelli S.