Beautiful Portraiture of Babies

They Are Only a Baby Once


Baby Photography
Gazing at the beauty of your baby’s face is a resounding joy. It is an extremely brief period in our children’s lives by comparison to the length of our childhood and adulthood. If you think about it, they will ONLY a baby ONCE.

The rapid growth of a baby is a remarkable phenomenon which happens right before our very eyes. The ever-changing first year of your baby’s life goes by rapidly. Every moment is to treasure. For me, photographing babies is pure happiness — it is wonderful to see parents in a wondrous bliss. Knowing that I am creating portraits of their precious child is a terrific commemoration to be a part of.

With the knowledge I have gained from my relationships with professional museum archivists, I make suggestions for very strategic, long-term planning for the documentation of their child. I stand by a personal mantra of “Less Is More” and “Quality Over Quantity.” I am passionate about long-term archiving because it gives every child a sense of who they are and above all, reminds them how cherished they are.

I am always excited and deeply honored to be a part of a family’s photographic journey and a new baby is an amazing fresh beginning.
– Angela Buckley

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Angie was great to work with!  She put all of us at ease right away, including our two little ones.  And the photos are terrific.  We got some beautiful photographs that capture our natural daily lives.

Jessica F.