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My blog is for parents who want great kid photos ✷ I am a Mommypreneur ✷ I have taught college photo for 15+ years ✷ I am the “Scholar-In-Residence” at CU Denver ✷ My passion is PHOTOGRAPHY, KIDS + EDUCATION ✷ Enjoy these EASY TIPS!

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Simple Photo Hack: move yer feet!

Today, I am going to show you guys a really easy, quick photo hack — and that is simply moving closer. Don’t just zoom in closer…


Today, I’m going to be discussing backlighting which causes a silhouette effect. It’s a really simple, easy…

Move, Move, MOVE

The most simple tried and true TOP PHOTO TIP… see the examples so you remember this one.

Get Sharper Photos

Blurry photos are disappointing. Read of ways to fix that and get sharper photos with your iPhone, camera phone or even your DSLR. Watch this short video!

How I Got This Shot

Watch a quicktime video of how Angie got this shot in front of a neat playhouse in a family’s backyard.

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