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Having children is the most precious, joyful experience any person can experience.
It is a great honor to work with parents who cherish their family. It is the most satisfying feeling to walk away knowing they absolutely adored the portraits I created of their kids for them. I truly enjoy every child and family I work with!

Angie Buckley

Mommy & Photographer


1998 – 2001 Arizona State University, Master of Fine Arts, Photography, Tempe, AZ
2001 – summer New York University, Fellowship, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY
1992 – 1996 Ohio University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, Athens, OH
Lightwork, Tracing Memory, Syracuse, NY (catalogue/publication)
Clos de L’Abbye Gallerie, Paris, France
Louisiana Tech University, Elements of Photography, Ruston, LA
Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado: The Place We Live, Snowmass Village, CO
The Art Institute of Colorado, Elements of Photography, Denver, CO
Center for Visual Arts, University of Boulder, CO
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Faculty Show, Pittsburgh, PA
Eastern Michigan University, Elements of Photography, Ypsilanti, MI
Baldwin-Wallace College, Elements of Photography, Beren, OH
Jacksonville University, 3byOne, Jacksonville, FL
Denver Public Library, 247 Years of Photography, Denver, CO
The Art Institute of Colorado, Elements of Photography, Denver, CO
Galeria de Art Fotografico Meliton Rodriguez, Colombia, South America
Joseph Gallery, Tucson, AZ
University of Colorado Denver, Emmanual Gallery, Faculty Biennial, Denver, CO
Santa Fe Community College, Photographic Currents, Santa Fe, NM
Flash Gallery, Built, Denver, CO
The McDuffy Arts Center, mutability, Charlottesville, VA
Lynn Arts, mutability, Lynn, MA
The Dairy Barn Arts Center, Ohio University Alumni, Athens, OH
Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Recreated Realities, Denver, CO
Photo-Eye Photographer’s Showcase On-line Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Rowan University, Westby Gallery, Reverberations, Glassboro, NJ
The Art Institute of Colorado, John Jellico Gallery, Denver, CO
Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Visions II, Denver, CO
Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
Galeria El Attico, Guatemala City, Guatemala (catalogue)
Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
Concordia University, Art Department Gallery, Saint Paul, MN
Rhode Island School of Art & Design, Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI
Arizona History Museum, Annual AIGA Prisma Award Show, Scottsdale, AZ
University of New Mexico, John Sommers Gallery, the 505 salon, Albuquerque, NM

University of Denver, Great Shots!, Denver, CO

Anderson Ranch Arts Center, DSLR Workshop, Snowmass Village, CO

Anderson Ranch Arts Center,
Beginner DSLR Workshop, Snowmass Village, CO

Working with Artists Workshops, Photography Workshop, Denver, CO

Working with Artists Workshops, Photography Workshop, Denver, CO

Art Director’s Club, Silver Award for Photography, Denver, CO

Art Director’s Club, Silver Award for Photography, Denver, CO

Nikon Award/Scholarship, Santa Fe Workshops, Santa Fe, NM

Alligator Juniper Magazine, 1
st Place – Annual National Competition, Summer Issue

New York University, Fellowship: American Photography Institute
The National Graduate Seminar, New York, NY
AIGA Arizona Annual Awards, Prisma Award – Photography Portfolio, Phoenix, AZ
Arizona State University, College of Fine Arts Enrichment Grant, Tempe, AZ

Photographer’s Forum Magazine, Finalist, Best of College Photography 2000

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University of Washington, the stages of restoration, Tacoma, WA (Skype)
Ohio University, the stages of restoration, Athens, OH (Skype)
Regis University, the stages of restoration, Denver, CO
University of Colorado, the stages of restoration, Boulder, CO
University of Denver, the stages of restoration, Denver, CO

World Wide Pinhole Day Festival in Rome, (my work was presented by Fabio Severo), Rome, Italy
Arapahoe Community College, the stages of restoration, Littleton, CO
Red Rocks Community College, the stages of restoration, Denver, CO (forthcoming)World Wide Pinhole Day
University of Denver, the stages of restoration, Denver, CO

Louisiana Tech University, the stages of restoration, Ruston, LA (Skype)
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University of Colorado Denver, the in-between, Denver, CO

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University of Northern Colorado, the in-between, Greeley, CO
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Society for Photographic Education National Conference, Savannah, GA

The Sun City Art Museum, Contemporary Photography, Sun City, AZ

We use the finest equipment and our cameras are a large Hasselblad medium format camera with a Phase One Digital Back. Another camera we utilize is the  Canon 5D. Our lighting is also THE BEST and we use a Broncolor Move 1200 kit with a gigantic 5′ octabank that creates gorgeous light. Angie knows many reps for photo equipment and stays up on her knowledge of the best equipment to use.

To maintain the most professional and effective products, Angie stays up on her skill set with the latest software. Your images are archived and stored on hardware that is researched by Angie. She researches brands that can be trusted so the digital files can be preserved for many years.

Your prints are made with the finest cameras, software and also printers. Angie’s extensive background in fine art photography are applied to ensure the most beautiful results. Your framed prints are archival and protected with a beautiful museum (non-glare) glass. The final product is stunning and we are proud of the results!

Establishing a Bond
Inviting a photographer into your home to document your life is an intimate experience and we want you to be comfortable from the moment we begin. The best way to get started is for you to understand how our creative process unfolds.
Face to Face
Our first meeting with you allows us to set the schedule and get to know you, so that we can best capture the world you live in. We want to learn about your style, your aesthetic and all of the other really important details that go into creating a personalized masterpiece that your family will cherish.
After we get to know you and your family a little better, we move on to the design stage. This is when we start planning for your session: we strategize shots, locations, wardrobe, etc. The entirety of your deposit will go towards securing locations, props…and any other little surprises we come up with!
Shoot Day

Today’s the big day! All you need to do is relax and remember to smile for the camera. To ensure we get the shots, we shoot tethered to a laptop to view the images on the spot. We love technology so, relax and we’ll take care of the rest!

Selection & Review

Once the photos are ready for review, you and Angie will sit down together to select the best of the best shots for printing (touch-ups are included, but that will stay our little secret!). We will also discuss framing options at this time.

Printing & Installation

In order to achieve the consistent quality of work that our clients expect and deserve, delivery of the final product may take up to 8 weeks. Once your pieces are printed, framed and ready to go, we will deliver them to your home/office for installation!

Capturing a moment in time is a remarkable experience. At Angela Buckley Photography, we love what we do and it shows in our work. We look forward to working with you and your family. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and don’t forget to smile!

Love, Love, Love all the photos.  Making my life very happy.  Better then any expectation I had.  Thank you!!!

Amy B.

An Executive Mommy

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